Terracotta Tile Cleaning and Restoration


Terracotta tiles are an extremely durable and resilient tile. They are designed to with stand the harshest elements. Terracotta roof tiles over the years become infested with a green algae which is called lichen.

Roofs become so badly infested with lichen that the roof looks old and deteriorated beyond the point of cleaning, but because of their amazing strength and durability, with a good high pressure clean and re-pointing of the ridge capping they can easily be transformed back to their original colourful condition.

We have a 5 step process for terracotta roof restoration

  1. Roof is inspected for broken or loose tiles. Tiles are either repaired or replaced with new ones
  2. Tiles are treated with anti fungal solution to kill off lichen and mould
  3. Tiles are high pressure steam cleaned, gutters cleaned out and all mess made on the house and surrounding surfaces are cleaned off
  4. Ridge capping is either re-pointed or re-bedded depending on the condition of the capping
  5. A clear semi gloss sealer is applied to enhance the appearance (optional)

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