High Pressure Clean Sydney

BeforeAfter_1Here at Rhino, our high pressure cleaning systems have helped clients all over Sydney experience the thrill of walking into an old place of work that looks like it was just built. We make a point of ensuring that you don’t have to waste money by hiring us over and over again – by eliminating the problem the first time round. We not only remove the build up, but also help to prevent it from coming back with one of our excellent protective sealers.

Our protective sealers go a long way when your building is out in the rain again, and mother nature wreaks havoc on its fragile surface. A high pressure cleaning system does two things: first it removes all traces of the dirt, mould and residue, and then it seals in the clean with our special protective sealant formula. This seal acts as a hardy barrier, keeping all bad stains off your walls. You will only ever have to hire us once to do your job – and once its over we will never have to treat it again.

Using only the most technologically advanced high pressure cleaning equipment, we will tackle any project that you give us, and make your buildings shine. With our eco-friendly hot water pressure cleaning system, we prevent your surfaces from becoming damaged due to the application of harmful chemical solutions. If you need an effective high pressure clean, hire us now for a job done once that will last forever!

High pressure cleaning helps keep the environment healthy while at the same time renews buildings that were old and stained. With such startling results, it’s surprising that it’s all done with non-toxic chemicals in a supportive and systematic environment. Rhino Pressure Cleaning is at your service – for all of your high pressure cleaning needs.

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