Pressure cleaning for immaculate driveways and spotless outdoor areas

Pressure cleaning of driveways, pathways, patios, walls and paved areas can dramatically improve the appearance of your home.

Professional, experienced pressure cleaning technicians


Rhino’s friendly staff take the time to understand your needs and use the best pressure cleaning techniques to ensure you are happy with the outcome. Our fully licensed technicians have the experience to know the optimum solution to clean your paths or driveways, whether concrete, stone, terracotta, pavers or brick.

Steam pressure cleaning for optimum results

We typically used high pressure steam for most applications and for tougher grime or stains, such as engine oil or chewing gum, we apply environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Rhino technicians use dedicated tools for high pressure steam cleaning ensuring that the water is directed onto your paths or driveway with very little spray or splash. All our technicians are fully insured.

Get a quote

Rhino Pressure Cleaning has helped many Sydney home owners to transform the hard surfaces around their yards. Driveways and pathways will look like new again. Contact us today for a quote for your home.

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