Roof Restoration

BeforeAfter_2Our Sydney pressure cleaning company is always on the look out for aging roofs that need a makeover. Is your roof discoloured, worn or generally looking grubby? This is because over the years, dirt, residue build-up and mould forms as a layer across the tiles of your roof. This makes your tiles appear faded, damaged and in some cases even broken. But roofs don’t have to stay looking so horrible – it ruins the appeal of your home!

Rhino’s Sydney pressure cleaning offers our clients a complete solution to roof restoration that includes our advanced cleaning system, re-pointing and re-colouring your roof. Your roof will appear brighter, richer and cleaner than it’s been in years. In fact, it’ll look like you’ve switched the old tiles for new tiles! Something as small as a water pressure washer can make all the difference to your roof.

No one wants to live in a house or an office block where the roof looks like its going to cave in. Have you ever happened across a beautiful looking cottage, only to be faced with a dilemma: the cottage itself it adorable, but the roof is disgusting. It only takes a few hours for our Sydney pressure cleaning employees to remove every last stain off your roof.

Once your roof has been restored to its natural healthy shine, our Sydney pressure cleaning washers will dust your roof with a sealant layer. This layer keeps the clean in, and the future dirt out. If you’re tired of seeing your roof faded and aged, then don’t forget to give us a call. Hire us to restore your roof today, and enjoy the facelift that it gives your home.

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